Thursday, June 7, 2007


I was inspired by the guest lecture yesterday to redesign my package. The visiting artist showed her work and also shared some of her packaging designs. There was one box which consisted of an outer slide off shell, an inner box that contained 4 smaller boxes, and inside each one of those boxes was the product. One of the packages was so neat! It was basically a long rectangular box and the top slid outward. The concept of "sliding" is very Japanese. Us westerners think "swing it open!" Like a door or a book I guess. I thought that incorporating a sliding element could make it more Japanese like. And at the time I was also struggling with choosing some type of closure for my box. A slidining feature would eliminate that completely.

Dermit and I discussed my box today and he suggested that I make the outside and the inside of the box very different. Another Japanese ideal is constrast. He said that he was discussing this with a Japanese person. Typically with gifts. The outside will be simple and the inside will be ornate, to add to the element of suprise. I thought this was a great idea. So I began to redesign my box.

The outside is like a medium gray. The inside is a bright green. Inside the CD compartment will be purple. If you lift the scroll compartment there will be illustrated directions on how to view the scroll. These will be in purple to match the CD compartment.

Book making materials.

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