Friday, June 15, 2007

The final lap


The final week. Our project is due in 6 days and feel like I have some much left too do! I just fininshed chapter 2 illustrations last night. It was a battle too. My computer kept freezing right when I clicked the save button. I had to redraw one section three times. I have to illustrate chapter 3 and mix my sound for chapters 2 and 3. Not too shabby, but I wish I was in better shape. I still have to print. Here is my schedule for the new few days:

-Finish print piece by Tuesday morning.
This gives me 3 days to work on sound. This should be enough. I was able to do the sound for the first chapter in a couple hours. I think the trickiest part will be printing. I bought 6 sheets of huge hand made paper from Tokyu hands. I'll have to calculate how to cut it so I can get the most prints out of each piece. My boyfriend and I did the math and we estimate that the final scroll will be around 30ft. The first chapter is 500cm the second is 450cm and for the last I'm shooting for 400cm or less. Plus Dermot suggested that I print it one plain paper too for part of my gallery installation. I also Have to burn the CD design the cover, and I still need a TITLE. This has been the toughest part. I'm trying to come up with a Japanese title. I asked Tiki and Norriko and they both can't think if anything that sounds appropriate.

-Somewhere along the line I need to do some souvenir shopping. I've been emailing home for a list. I think most people can settle with chopsticks and socks. I'll probably get a T-shirt for my boyfriend and my cousin. But I have one friend that I need to hunt for. She's totally Otaku, huge anime manga fan since we were in 3rd grade. when we were 12 we promised that one day we would go to Japan. Well now I'm here and I can't get a hold of her. I've tried email, facebook, and AIM but no response. Helen offer to help me pick out something that she might like.

Urgh. I love Japan but I'm ready to go home. I think I'm just tired. I've been working non-stop since April and I just need a break. I literally passed in my last project the day before I came here. And I've been working on this TUJ program since mid-december, assembling the porfolio, doing paperwork, getting together my finances, and I'm just ready to be done and move on. I wish I had more time in Japan, but I miss some things about the states. Like having a quick convo with the clerk, talking to strangers, and creepy guys hitting on me on the train. I know that sounds strange, but they are all reminders of home.

Well I've been a chatty Kathy today. Back to work. I'm out.

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