Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Was it better than sex?

Last night we attended Pecha Kucha. This is common knowledge to just about everyone who reads this. So what did I enjoy?

The izat was awesome, though i don't quite understand the circumstances of use. Is it something you wear in anticipation of a natural disaster? I dunno. However I did like the fact that the silhouette was very Japanese. I just wish they spoke English because I was gonna do everything humanly possible to get a job with them.

OK, so the performance artist was amazing! I was really impressed with him, well dressed. Looks like a typical salaryman but has a very interesting hoby. I enjoyed the simplicity of his performance piece and repetition made it exciting. It was just plain funny and fun.

I also like the woman who did the photography with the bright colored lights. I thought that maybe she could make a few bucks doing a children' TV show.
P.S> I think the izat could be as good sex. Depending on the sex, the izat could be better?


Loomis13 said...

i owe you a blog since there isn't a recent one about your project, but i couldn't help but argue with you on the izat.

i do agree it looks like something you wear in anticipation to a natural disaster, i call it a body bag. what silohette are you referencing? the black and white design perhaps? if so i like the pattern, just not the izat. the izat looked highly inpractical and more trouble than its worth. i dunno if you noticed the 3 guys helping those girls change the shape, and even they were having problems with the zippers, i couldn't imagine tryin to change folding by yourself, especially since the izat looked like it was hindering movement.

Gian said...

I thought the izat was a good but impractical concept, like a lot of fashion pieces, and should be a model for more practical clothes for consumers. Unless that thing doubled as a parachute with the pull of a string I wouldn't buy one as is. However, I could easily see it as more practical convertible clothing if they got over the fact that attempting to keep that flat sheet format is extremely hindering to the realistic possibilities of their conversion ideas.

Ichigo said...

The izat was fun. I'd want to play with it. I think it would be really cool if you could incorporate your love of fashion design into your project. The amaki is cool, but maybe it could double as an obi? I don't know. Just a thought.